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Dog Grooming Towcester

Dog Grooming

Barkberry Yard offer a range of professional dog grooming services for your furry friends.

Our full groom includes all the essentials- an ear clean, nail clip, hygiene trim, bath using Milly’s dog products, blow-dry and brush followed by full styling of the coat to your specification.

Our prices for grooming can be seen below or call the team for more information.

(Please note: styling of your dog will depend upon coat condition at the time of appointment)

We kindly ask that you stick to drop off and pick up times as we have a lot of dogs to fit in, on the odd occasion you are late or early please ring ahead so we know. As we are a small team every appointment means a lot to us so please, if you do not wish to attend your appointment, let us know with a minimum 24 hours notice. Please also note that if you are over 30 minutes late picking up your dog, there will be an extra charge upon your arrival Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Bath & De-shed Package

For our super hairy double coated friends we have a great bath and de-shed package. They will have a full scrub down with Milly’s dog products, followed by an ear clean and nail clip. Then comes main event, (where all the magic happens!) a blast dry! This is what helps get rid of all of that dead coat that normally ends up on your lovely carpet! Lastly, another brush out, scissor tidy and your fur baby will be ready to take on the day!

From £35


What’s that I hear you say? Well hand-stripping is the traditional way to groom a wire haired dog such as a Border Terrier. The wire haired top coat is removed by gently pulling to reveal a lovely soft undercoat. We are lucky enough to be trained in this specialised form of grooming. Our team have been stripping wire haired breeds for over 10 years so you can rest assured your pup is in the most capable of hands! Handstripping takes time and skill so, understandably, comes at a premium rate. Along with the hand-strip your dog will receive a soothing bath with Milly’s dog shampoo, nail clip and ear clean.

From £45

Full Groom Packages

Calling all dogs who need a trim up! Our full grooms include a bath with Millys conditioning shampoos followed by full dry and brush to get out any tiny knots and to give the coat the best prep for clipping. A full style then happens firstly with clippers and then finished by hand scissoring. Included in this groom is all the essentials to! Ear clean, nail clip, hygiene trim and paw pad clear out. Your dog will leave feeling fresh!

From £40

Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning

Our nail clipping and ear cleaning services do not require an appointment, just pop in and see us!

Nails £8.00 / Ear Clean £3.00
Facial £3 / Paw Balm £2


Here at Barkberry Yard we are emmi-pet certified teeth technicians, it is a great addition to add to grooms to keep your furry friends teeth in a good condition. For more information on how to keep your dogs teeth pearly white and breath smelling great please see our emmi-pet teeth cleaning page.

Dog Grooming Pricing

Download our pricelist below and find your breed dog for pricing. 

All prices are a guide only and are subject to change due to size, temperament and coat condition of the dog. There will be additional charges for poorly conditioned or matted coats starting at £5 per session. Dogs with behavioural problems will also incur additional charges starting at £5 per session. Missed or late cancellation of appointments are charged at the full price of the groom.

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Puppy Grooms

We love having puppies in the salon and know how important it is to get them in at early age so that grooming becomes a good and fun experience. We offer a great service where we allow your pup to get used to the sights and sounds of a groomers in their own time during a bath, brush and tidy experience. This is for pups ranging from the week after their injections to 6 months old.

From £25

We also offer a fab puppy groom “Platinum Package”, where we send you home with a little care bundle to help you look after your puppy’s coat. This includes brushes required for your particular puppy’s coat type and a first groom photo!

From £35

Bath and Brush

Our bath, brush and tidy service is great for in between grooms or just to give your dog a spruce up. This service includes a bath with Milly’s dog products, full dry and brush out, nail clip, ear clean, hygiene trim and a tidy up around the eyes and feet.

From £20

To Book or for More Information

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Need something more tailored? Personalised day care hours can also be added on to full grooms. Contact us to find out more.